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Supply and Install Two Water Pumping Units

The ARD in Sana’a Governorate announces the issuance of the public tender No. (6/2018) for the year 2018 for the following water projects:

Project Name


Funding Source

Initial Guarantee

Tender Purchase Fees
Supply and Install Two Water Pumping Units



1500 $


Those wishing to participate in this tender must submit their written applications during the working hours to the following addresses: (ARD- Sana’a – Shuhada Street – in front of Al Borg Building) Telephone: 01/422987  or 770200251.
For the purchase and receipt of tender documents for the amount specified above (YR 10,000) is not refundable as of Monday, 2018/6/11, noting that the deadline for the sale of documents is Tuesday, 2018/7/3.

  • The bidder and on his own account should visit the site that will be executed before submitting his bid and will bear the responsibility of not visiting the site.
  • The tender shall be submitted in a sealed envelope sealed with red wax to the secretariat of the institution, with the name of the employer and the project, the tender number, and the name of the bidder.
  • A bank guarantee of the same form as specified in the unconditional and irrevocable tender documents (as specified above) in dollars valid for 90 days from the date of opening the envelopes or submitting a check payable.
    – Copy of sales tax certificate + valid tax card.
    – Copy of the insurance card + valid Zakat card.
    – Copy of the certificate of practicing the profession.
    – Commercial Register .
    – Tender documents stamped on each sheet.
    – The envelopes will be opened in the meeting hall of the institution in the presence of the bidders or their representatives with a signed and signed official authorization.
  • The deadline for receipt of bids and opening of envelopes is 11 am on Tuesday 2018/7/10. Bids submitted after this date will not be accepted and the first envelope will be opened and will be returned in the same condition to the owners.
الإعلان كشف الحضور محضر فتح المضاريف