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Nehim Success Story-Health Project

If you have ever heard about Nehim you will definitely have heard about battles, airstrikes, and bombs. Through our project we have looked at this district from different aspects and focused at the humanitarian situation out there.

A terrifying place filled with military vehicles, soldiers, weapons and blood smell, a place where no NGOs or INGOs have reached, where people are isolated and prone to death in every single minute, however, this didn’t stop our health team from providing medical humanitarian support.

After preparing a permission which took a very long process that was almost impossible, we finally had our first visit to Khulka health facility/ Nehim district, it was completely frightening when we knew that we have entered a forbidden area where no citizens can enter (only district local communities), we have passed through places where plenty of people were killed and plenty of massacres have occurred, our cellphones were all taken and we were fully scanned before entering Nehim blue entrance ( a check point the prevent the entrance of any external visitor).  

When we have entered Khulka health facility it was completely empty and closed, no water supplies available, no medicines or no any kind of medical equipment is present. Medical staff was consisted of only 2 nurses who carry water from their homes when attending to the health facility (they were attending only couple of days before our visit).

After assessing facility basic needs in our first visit, we have supplied the health facility with all needed staff, medicines, solar system, water system, furniture and medical records.

Through our attempts to rehabilitate the facility, difficulties were never over and providing the health facility with needed staff was a challenging step that was solved after a lot of effort.

Although the big unemployment crisis in the county, at the beginning we couldn’t find a health staff accepting the work in a targeted military district and we couldn’t even find a full health staff from the district itself.

ARD health team was and still facing difficulties in every field visit and in every movable humanitarian load to Nehim. When we see the success and the change we have made to support and rehabilitate one of the very hard reaching health facilities in a place where no other nearing health facilities present, we believe that we must never stop and we must face all obstacles the may prevent the arrival of our message.



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