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ARD distributes 1000 BHKs to 1000 HHs in Hawat, Kherbat Jaradah and Farghan areas in Sabah district.

Under the partnership between YHF and ARD in WASH project in Sabah district – Albayda governorate, ARD distributed (1000) BHKs to (1000) HHs from various targeted areas of the project according to the following statistics:

  1. 470 BHKs in Hawat
  2. 330 BHKs in Kerbat Jaradah
  3. 200 BHKs in Fargan

The distribution process was carried out in accordance with humanitarian work standards and according to an organized mechanism based on results of field survey for the beneficiary group, and well- trained work team selected and trained during the distribution process from the beneficiaries and ARD’s field team.



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