ARD Mission

ARD is a community entity that contributes to alleviate suffering of vulnerable communities through providing best relief and development services in cooperation with its local and international partners through well qualified staff believe and practice values and ethics of humanitarian action

ARD vision

During the identified five year strategic plan, this vision has been developed to reflect aspirations of ARD leadership in achieving excellence locally and launching internationally. The strategic plan has been built to help the institution to gather and utilize all its resources towards achieving this vision.

ARD Values

Human First: ARD is non-profit organization, human assist is our focus. We will always instill this value among our employees and targeted group. Transparency: ARD is committed to transparency in all our procedures and transactions, as reflected in our systems and practices that comply with international standards. Neutrality: ARD only belongs to humans, wherever, and relief and develop human are ARD goals. Professionalism: ARD strives to satisfy our partners by practicing of high quality standards of performance. Openness: ARD has no limits, ARD targets human wherever and whatever.

Alatta for Relief and Development was established as a charitable cooperative development association by virtue of the permit no. (003523) issued on 1/1/2011. The beginning was in Saada governorate in Yemen, which was historically known as the City of Peace, but for more than a decade became a flaming area and witnessed destruction and affected rest of the public services in Saada at the time. Although simple beginning with few resources and absence law, but youth founders’ faith made progress in human rights field in accelerated steps, relying on the institution’s ability to speed up the development of institutional and capacity building, and to draw on learned lessons from reality of performance and its ability to assess performance and overcome weaknesses where they exist. ARD commitment to principle of transparency and quality performance in projects implementation as planned have had a significant impact on donor trust and respect by target group. ARD activities and projects have been expanded in few years. Also, the name and the brand officially “Alatta for Social Development and charity” has changed to Alatta for Relief and Development under the permit no. (003564) issued on 24/2/2014 (last name is not included). Current war, which has been going on for almost three years, has destroyed the rest of the already fragile infrastructure and has contributed in displacement of hundreds of thousands to other districts within the governorate or to other governorates. With the collapse of state institutions, ARD was the main active SCOs for aids providers in the most ardent and most dangerous governorates and implemented many life-saving projects, micro-recovery projects and won appreciation of donors and target groups.


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Our Staff & Volunteers

Your commitment allows us to face emergency situations, but also to accompany the dynamics of sustainable development, in a responsible, transparent, effective way, for maximum impact.

  • Director Manager: Tawfeeq Hussien
  • Abdullah Al-Tamimi
  • Yasmin Nashwan
  • Majed Mohammed
  • Hussein Qassem
  • Abdullrahman Al-Makhafi
  • ِAhmed Al-Bothigi
  • Hizam Garuoon
  • Madi Dami
  • Amr Al-Tahiri
  • Mohammed Al-Doais
  • Ghassan Al-Tamimi
  • Ahmed Zabarh
  • Wafa Al-Jormoozi
  • Hussien Al-Hijri
  • Hussien Al-Sofi
  • Adel Awad
  • Ammar Al-Shaka’a
  • Ekhlas Al-Akhali
  • Faiza Al-Masabi
  • Shaimaa Al-Hadad
  • Abbas Al-Murtada
  • Talal Al-Sharbai
  • Fares Al-Zahri
  • Saber Al-Bajal
  • Osama Saleh
  • Abbas Al-Murtada
  • Nojoud Al-Hushail
  • Maraw Shediwa
  • Shahd Fuad
  • Salah Mohammed
  • Aseel Al-Absi
  • Khawlh Al-Kawkabani