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Suffering of ARD health team during humanitarian aids delivering

ARD health team was detained in January 27th, 2019, that was during team’ field visit to Khulka health unit in Nehim district. The health facility has been supported by ARD since the beginning of December,2018 as part of  the emergency lifesaving health response project.

The visit was conducted to evaluate services provided at the health facility and to provide new batches of medicines and cleaning tools. After the entrance of the team to Nehim district that was facilitated by DHO’ direct assistance and after delivering the required medical aid by  team members, in their way back and at the first check point they passed from they were detained under the justification that coordination was not done directly with the check point itself.

As a result, the team suffered detention for about 3 hours and they were precisely checked if having any digital devices, all cell phones and laptops were taken and the team could not contact ARD office or any member of their families due to the difficult nature of the area ( military and isolated).

After couple of hours the team was susceptible to airstrikes when airplanes flew in the area, the check point workers went to hide at their barrack and the team stood hopelessly at the middle of the road! After a lot of fear and stress feelings and after hours of disappearance and loss of contact, the team was finally released after more than 3 hours. ARD is so much proud of its health team and believes that humanitarian aids definitely deserve facing such challenges and sacrifices from its team.