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A chance to breathe

In a village that was deprived from basic health needs, 65 years old woman was enduring unstable blood pressure. Aisha was suffering each time she takes a normal breath and she got used to hear the rhythm of her heart beats. Her blood pressure was fluctuating from the extreme high to the extreme low. In her village, she would not have been able to receive any medical intervention. However, the presence of Al-Sawmma hospital in the same city has saved her from travelling to another city to reach a health facility. The difficulties people face when travelling under the unstable economic and political situation particularly in AlBaydaa and generally in Yemen has made an extra burden for citizens to seek medical care. The support that has been provided to AlSawmma hospital has made it much easier for many people to seek healthcare without considering the long tiring roads they will cross or the high expenses they will pay. This humanitarian project has helped Aisha to get her blood pressure stabilized and her heart disease managed. This was done through several investigations and medications. She was diagnosed of having hypertensive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with right side heart failure and prescribed three medications to control her illness. Now, Aisha can breathe more comfortably!