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A breath is my own right

Most of the Yemenis residing in rural areas are deprived from the right of receiving health care which in term contributes to the emergence and spread of new diseases and outbreaks. Diphtheria was of the outbreaks that could not be managed due to being highly contagious. More and more causalities are arising in every single day and children are the mostly affected population. Saraa, 7 years old female, lives with her family in Mokayras district, AlBaydaa governorate. In 2/9/2019 she was having some flu symptoms. Thus, a typical treatment for influenza was given to her by one of hospitals at the area. The absence of the diagnostic tools and enough health human resources has caused her to be incorrectly diagnosed at that hospital. By the dawn of the next morning, more severe symptoms raised; she was unable to breathe and completely choked! And her parents were freaking out!. Luckily, Saraa’s parents have delivered her to the paediatric clinic in AlSawmma hospital where a paediatrician in duty was available. After examining her throat and tonsils, the doctor in duty has concluded that the girl was suffering from diphtheria not flu! A swab sample was sent to the lab and the diphtheria antitoxin was administered to her immediately. The presence of a veteran paediatrician who was recently seconded to the hospital has helped in her quick recovery. It has also limited more spread of the disease by admitting her into an isolation room and by vaccinating the children who were in close contact with her. Saraa stayed at the hospital for 10 days receiving the prescribed doses of medications and oxygen therapy to help her breathe. This incident emphasizes on the importance of performing emergency projects in isolated and far districts tocontrol the pre-existing outbreaks. The doctor who saved the girl was supported as part of the emergency lifesaving health response project implemented by the ARD.