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Project plan:      

The project includes the following main activities:

  • Conduct a desk review to identify the current reports and data on the capacities of the local water and sanitation institution and the cleaning and improvement fund in the governorate of Aden and Hadramout Coast.
  • Development of the evaluation plan, including the development of data collection tools, methodology and data source identification, including methods such as participatory observation, in-depth interviews with key sources of information, field visits and focused group discussions.
  • Training evaluation staff on assessment methodology tools, data collection, reporting and staff functions.
  • Collect data, documents and regulations
  • Conducting 10 in-depth interviews with department directors and heads of section in each area
  • Take notes through field visits
  • Implementation of two focus groups for focus groups, one for the leaders of the water corporation and the other for the beneficiaries of the services.
  • Preparation of the preliminary capacity analysis report.
  • Conduct a workshop to discuss the report of each target audience to discuss the results and listen to the final observations
  • Final capacity assessment report that identify the existing capacities, capacity gaps and provide recommendations on capacity development strategies.

Project activities

First-training course on standards, methods and tools for evaluating the capacities of government institutions

Trainer: Project Capacity Building Specialist Mr. Qasim Abbas Al Lami

Time: One day on 20/4/2019

The target group for the course: the project team in the governorates of Aden and Hadramout –Mukalla.

The course was also attended by: Program Manager at Al-Atta Foundation, Project Manager and Project Accountant

Venue: Emirates Sky Hotel in Aden Governorate


Training Objectives:

  1. Provide the project team in Aden and Mukalla with knowledge and skills related to evaluation concepts and tools
  2. Explain the nature of the project and its chronic operational plan
  3. Distribute tasks to the team and explain the details of each team member’s tasks
  4. To deepen the sense of responsibility and work as a team