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– Water Project of Qarn AL-Assad in the Directorate of AL-Arash – Al-Baida.
– Water Project of Al-Khadra, Al-Arash Directorate – Al-Bayda
– Water project of Qarn Atta, Al-Arash Directorate – Al-Bayda
– Water Project of Al-Ghadeer, Al-Himaa AL-Daklaia Directorate – Sana’a
– Water project of Sahef, Saffan Directorate – Sana’a
– Water Project of Daho Al-Dar, Saffan Directorate – Sana’a

The Technical team have visited the targeted locations and made the necessary technical studies to start project implementation within next few days. Also, the Technical team met members of local communities in the different target locations; in order to, assess the actual needs and to satisfy their needs.
It should be noted that ARD is keen to touch the actual need from reality and conduct field technical studies as a preliminary step before implementing any project.