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The ARD distributed (2050) water filter & (2050) cleaning supplies kits, which benefited (2050) Families in different areas of the project as the following: Distribution Center A: Al – Hadeb District in the directorate of Haima Al-Dakhelya , Sana’a /G -287 families Distribution Center B : Qarn Ata District in Al – Arash Directorate – Al -Bayda’a/G – 177 families Distribution Center C: Al-Khadra District in Al-Arash Directorate – Al Bayda’a/G – 291 families Distribution Center D : Sahef and Daho Aldar Districts in Sa’afan Directorate – Sana’a/G -105 families Distribution center E: Qarn al-Assad District in the Al-Arash Directorate Al-Bayda’a/G – 1190 families It should be noted that this activity is part of the environmental sanitation activities and a component of one of the components of the project of the water and environmental sanitation implemented by the ARD in the governorates of Sana’a and the Al-Bayda’a funded by the Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF) The distribution process was carried out in accordance with the humanitarian standards and according to organized mechanisms based on the results of the field survey of the beneficiary group. A trained team was also employed during the distribution, consisting of (15) people in each distribution center from the beneficiary areas To facilitate the beneficiaries, the distribution process continued for 13 days during the period from 20/4 to 2/5/2019 according to a schedule of different beneficiary areas