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WASH Integrated Response Project in Albaydha governorate

ARD’s engineering team  hands over project sites to contractors

In the framework of  WASH activity in Albaydha governorate, ARD’s engineering team   handed over the water projects to the contractors  in Maswarah and Alsawmaah districts in Albaydha governorate which include the following components:

1-    Rehabilitate Shabtan  water project in Alsawmaah district

Including :

Concrete water tank  with capacity of 100m3

Complete the exist water network

Install solar energy

2-    Rehabilitate Ja’er water project in Assawmaah district


Concrete water tank  with capacity of 75 m3

Pumping line and  main liquefaction line

Install solar energy

3-    Wadi Janah water project in Maswarah district


2 Concrete water tanks  with capacity of 100m3 and 50 m3

Water network with their accessories

Install solar energy

 10000 beneficiaries in the two districts benefit  from  these projects