Alatta for Relief and Development (ARD) carried out the third and final workshop which targeted the community committees for water management projects within the framework of the water and environmental sanitation project in Sana’a and Al-Bayda governorates, which was implemented in partnership with Yemen Humanitarian Fund entitled (Accounting operations for rural water projects). 61 members of the community committees benefited from workshop in the following projects:
Al-Ghadeer Project – Directorate of Al-Haymah Al-Dakhlia – Sana’a Governorate (12 participants) implemented on 3/4/2019.
Project Dho Aldar – Directorate of Saffan – Sana’a Governorate (participant 12) implemented on 9/4/2019.

Project of Qarn Assad – Directorate of the throne – Al-Bayda Governorate (participant 13) implemented on 10/4/2019.
Project Qarn Ata – Directorate of Alarsh – Al-Bayda Governorate (participant 12) implemented on 11/4/2019.
Al-Khadra Project – Al-Arsh Directorate – Al-Bayda Governorate (12 participants) implemented on 11/4/2019.
The aim of this workshop is to qualify the community committees for project management in the accounting field. So that they are able to receive projects and operate them properly and be able to maintain them in a way that ensures continuity and sustainability.
It is worth mentioning that the ARD is keen to rehabilitate the project management committees on an ongoing basis through meetings and workshops that they carry out periodically.