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A chance to breathe

In a village that was deprived from basic health needs, 65 years old woman was enduring unstable blood pressure. Aisha was suffering each time she takes a normal breath and she got used to hear the rhythm of her heart beats. Her blood pressure was fluctuating from the extreme high…...

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A breath is my own right

Most of the Yemenis residing in rural areas are deprived from the right of receiving health care which in term contributes to the emergence and spread of new diseases and outbreaks. Diphtheria was of the outbreaks that could not be managed due to being highly contagious. More and more causalities…...

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Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF), through its website has considered the projects of Alatta foundation for Relief and Development (ARD) as success stories

(Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF), through its website, has considered the projects of Alatta foundation for Relief and Development (ARD) as success stories that has topped the success stories of international organizations. Below is a link to a success story of ARD on the Yemen Humanitarian Fund website https://reliefweb.int/report/yemen/yemen-humanitarian-fund-stories-field?fbclid=IwAR1SzKCotQRZEVtPxsibLOHlKbW9UsWmezyZWJY860TpgNdpo3SbFldTdXM...

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Al-Manaseh Health Center

On a very dry sunny day, the health team of the Al-Atta for Relief and Development (ARD) had a visit to Al-Manaseh Health Center located in wild Rabei district Al-Bayda’a to start the activities of the Emergency life-saving Response Project. We set out from Rada’a  town and along the way…...

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Suffering of ARD health team during humanitarian aids delivering

ARD health team was detained in January 27th, 2019, that was during team’ field visit to Khulka health unit in Nehim district. The health facility has been supported by ARD since the beginning of December,2018 as part of  the emergency lifesaving health response project. The visit was conducted to evaluate…...

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Nehim Success Story-Health Project

If you have ever heard about Nehim you will definitely have heard about battles, airstrikes, and bombs. Through our project we have looked at this district from different aspects and focused at the humanitarian situation out there. A terrifying place filled with military vehicles, soldiers, weapons and blood smell, a…...

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